Quality Before School and After School Care

OSCAR (Out of School Care and Recreation),

Since 1999 Bread of Life OSCAR has been committed to providing the very best in before- and after school care for busy families like yours.

We understand how hard it can be to juggle the workday schedule, and the anxiety associated with finding safe, fun, high-quality care for your children. That’s why our programmes are developed to feature a diverse mix of entertainment and relaxation. Your kids will feel right at home doing activities like cooking, crafts or games, as well as having time to relax after a busy day of learning.

Term Programmes:
Each programme has an approved roll limit, which has been set by The Ministry of Social Development who gives us the approval to operate and review it every 2-3 years.

Redwoodtown OSCAR: Based at Redwoodtown school, caters mostly for the children from Witherlea School and Redwoodtown Schools with children from Years 1- 8. Phone number is 027 750 2073

Blenheim OSCAR: Based at Blenheim School, caters for the children from Years 1-8. Schools contributing to the After School programmes are: - Riverlands, Mayfield, Blenheim, and Bohally intermediate. The Phone Number for Blenheim OSCAR is 027 752 9727.

Springlands OSCAR: Based at Springlands School, from where we run a Before school programme that caters for children from any school in Blenheim from 5- 13year olds. The After School programme is only for the students from Springlands School and the Bohally Intermediate Students that attended Springlands. The Phone Number for Springlands OSCARS is 022 124 1946.

St Mary's OSCAR: Based at the St Mary's Church Centre and runs an Afternoon programme for children from Years 1 - 8. The Schools contributing to this After School Care programme is Whitney Street, St Mary's, Grovetown and Raupara Schools. The Phone Number for the St Mary's OSCARS is 022 694 8737.

Woodbourne OSCAR: Based at the Woodbourne Community centre. This After School and Holiday programme caters for children in age from 5-13years, who live in the Woodbourne, Renwick, and Fairhall. The Woodbourne Phone number is 027 300 5249.