What is OSCAR? OSCAR stands for ‘Out of School Care and Recreation’

OscarsOSCAR programmes are designed to care for children before school, after school and during the holidays when parents are working or studying full time. These programmes cater for children between the ages of 5 and 13 years. OSCAR programmes are recreation based and aim to meet the needs of children during out of school hours in a safe and fun way – and they are much more than a child-minding service.

Currently 80,000 children aged between 5 to 13 years are attending OSCAR programmes throughout New Zealand.
At OSCAR programmes the care of the child has formally been handed over from the child’s parent to the OSCAR provider. Many OSCAR programmes are run by community organisations – schools, community centres, parent groups and churches. Some are run by private providers such as stand-alone businesses and early childhood centres.

OSCAR programmes provide a number of benefits to children, their families and communities at large. A good OSCAR programme will assist and enhance a child’s social, emotional, physical, creative, cultural and academic development. It will provide a variety of age appropriate child-centered activities that will ensure the child has a relaxed and enjoyable time in a safe and caring environment.

OSCAR programmes enable parents to participate in the workforce, in training and in community activities with peace of mind, knowing that their children are being cared for in a safe environment and are receiving a positive out of school experience. In order to work or study, parents need quality, affordable out of school care.

Bread of Life OSCAR currently manages nine different programmes at 5 venues. We provide Before School care at Springlands, After School care at Springlands School, Blenheim School, St Mary’s, Redwoodtown School and Woodbourne. The Springlands after School programme is currently for their students only. Holiday programmes are based at Woodbourne, Blenheim School and Redwoodtown School.

All these programmes are managed by The Bread of Life Trust. The OSCAR staff are employed by the Trust to provide a safe, stimulating, caring and comfortable environment, taking into account children’s individual needs. The programme is not highly structured but does include one planned activity each session. In holidays the programme is structured with many activities during the day to give variety for the children. Art and craft materials, games for different ages and sports equipment are all available. Activities are well supervised whether indoor or outdoor and a quiet rest space is available for those children wishing to do homework or having time out.

Mission Statement

To make Jesus visible in our community through actions of love, concern and support.

AIM: To meet the needs of families in the wider Blenheim community by providing a secure, stimulating, consistent, professional and caring environment for their school aged children.
We strive to provide a safe and warm atmosphere for primary aged children to gather and be cared for Before School; After School and in School holidays. All staff have a passion to work with children and encourage them in recreational pursuits.

Activities are organised by the staff of each programme, recognising the needs of the children that are being catered for. The children all enjoy a range of activities from art, craft, indoor and outdoor games, cooking and trips in holiday programmes.